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Maintenance Dredging involves the removal of unwanted silt, sand or sludge from existing waterways that are already dredged at some earlier point. It is usually somewhat shallow and is performed by a hydraulic cutterhead dredge and involves depths from 3′ to 30′ in a marina or cove, dock area, river, canal, pond, reservoir or similiar body of water. It can also include the removal of unwanted aquatic vegetation or toxins. It can also be necessary to improve navigation channels when the oceans tides and wave action have created sandbars and other sand or silt buildup preventing boats or ships entry due to shallow depths.

Southern Dredging & Marine, Inc. offers maintenance dredging in the service areas of Florida, Bahamas and Exumas, Caribbean and Central America. If a hyrdrographic survey is needed, we can supply the survey and help with the engineering methodology. Our dredges are equipped with GPS measuring and monitoring systems to keep track of the depths dredged as well as the amount of materials dredged.

We can also help you determine if the use of GeoTextile Tubes or Bags is necessary for your job. Using GeoTextile Tubes or Bags helps with the turbidity management as well as gives the client a supply of silt or sand to use in beach restoration or land creation.

Feel free to contact us to go over your marine project and learn more about the services offered by Southern Dredging & Marine,  and how we can help improve your property. Call us at 706-654-0062 today.

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