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Dredging marinas, rivers, canals, reservoirs to depths up to 40' is usually performed with a basket cutterhead "spud" dredge that enables the dredge to walk forward on the ocean or river bed. Although this dredge can also be used for maintenance, it can be used to dredge virgin ground such as creating a new marina or channel that previously did not exist. The size of the discharge hose and pump, along with the engine, helps determine the amount of silt, sand or sludge the dredge can pump to the holding cell or GeoTextile Tubes, and is usually calculated by the amount of cubic yards.

Maintenance dredges such as auger suction cutterhead dredge, a jet-filled dredge, or an amphibious dredge usually cannot efficiently cut virgin ground, and this is best left to either a basket cutterhead spud dredge or a barge loaded excavator, as that type of dredge will be quicker and more suited to dredging harder soils and rock.

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