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St. Lucia Dredging

Saint Lucia Dredging and Marine Services

An Overview of Dredging and Marine Services, St Lucia
Southern Dredging and Marine offers professional dredging in St. Lucia. We employ hydraulic and mechanical dredges equipped with GPS Dredging Software Systems to accurately record location of dredging and the amount of materials removed.

St. Lucia Dredging in the Caribbean

  • Hydraulic or Mechanical Dredging
  • Dredging rivers, harbors, marinas and channels
  • Maintenance dredging on marinas, ponds, lagoons, rivers and lakes
  • Reusing dewatered sand for beach renewal
  • Turbidity Solutions including geotextile tubes, turbidity curtains and use of coagulants

St. Lucis Dredging Benefits

  • Equipment customized to client’s requirements
  • Strick HAZMAT safety procedures
  • Successful turbidity solutions
  • Full methodology and quote customized to client’s location and needs

About St. Lucia Dredging

Dredging Services include the following:

Saint Lucia Dewatering and Desilting Services

Dewatering and Desilting is offered to reduce the amount of silt, sludge and sand buildup in waterways, making passway unsafe. We remove the excess material from rivers, lakes, harbors and marinas to add to depth or to dewater the spoils for reuse on beaches or creating new land mass.

Coastal Dredging for St. Lucia

Our beach restoration dredging in St. Lucia involves restoring beaches that have lost their sand from erosion and weather. We pump the dredge spoils into holding cells or geotextile tubes for dewatering and dispersment, or discharge directly onto shore. Contact us for more information on these services.

Hydrographic Surveying

In Louisiana, Southern Dredging and Marine employs professional Hydrographic Survey GPS software and equipment to map the bottom of the dredging area. We also offer GPS enabled equipment and software for commercial hydrographic surveys, including mapping and Sub Bottom Profiling.

St. Lucia Marine Construction

We are available to St. Lucia companies for dredging and marine construction of breakwaters, groynes, jetties as well as pile driving and erosion control systems.

Rivers, Marinas & Harbors

Southern Dreding & Marine’s dredging services includes maintenance for rivers, marinas and harbors, creating new channels or deepening existing waterways to allow ships and boats safe access.

Our dredges have GPS Dredging Software Systems to record dredged location and the amount of materials removed.

Southern Dredging & Marine offers dredging services in St. Luci and the Caribbean. We can bring own floating crew accommodations and all the necessary equipment.

Our Dredging Services for St, Lucia includes Marinas, Lakes & Rivers, Docks & Piers, Canals & Water Ways, Retention Ponds, Ocean Harbors, Island Development, Lagoons, Reservoirs and Channels.

JV Partnerships

From time to time Southern Dredging & Marine will enter into a JV Partnernship with other contractor companies to expand our services offered for  a specific project. Our crew and subcontracgtors are thoroughly qualified and trained and abide by all our professionalism required of our employees.

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