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Abaco Islands Dredging Contractor

Abaco Islands Dredging and Marine Services

Southern Dredging and Marine provides professional dredging and marine services in the Bahamas for the Abaco Islands. Dredging serivces include hydraulic cutterhead dredges, barge mounted dredge pumps, or excavators mounted on barges customized to your dredging and marine requirements. Enviromental turbidity controls are administered while at the same time adhering to the strict budget and time deadlines. 

Abaco Dredging and Marine Services in The Bahamas

  • Bahama’s Abaco Islands is approximately 180 miles from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It’s grouping of islands consist of the Great Abaco and Little Abaco islands, Walker’s Cay, Grand Cay, Spanish Cay, Green Turtle Cay, Great Guana Cay, Man-O-War Cay, Elbow Cay, Tilloo Cay, Lubbers Quarters, Castaway Cay and Moore’s Island
  • Townships include Marsh Harbour, Treasure Cay, Coopers Town, Fox Town, Crossing Rock, Cherokee Sound, Little Harbour, Sandy Point, Spring City, New Plymouth, Hope Town, Rocky Point, Winding Bay, Wilson City

Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian hit the Abacos Elboy Cay at sustained winds of 185 mph, wind gusts up to 225 mph, destroying property and killing many of the residents. The Abaco Islands is currently rebuilding homes and commercial sites destroyed by the catastrophic hurricane. The Abaco Islands is a 120-mile chain of islands and cays with beautiful white sand beaches,

Abaco Dredging and Marine for the Client

  • Our dredging equipment is maintained regularly. Our skilled engineers can repair equipment on the job site when working remotely.
  • We will provide client with a detailed methodology to complete the designed results.
  • Our environment friendly dredging and marine processes do not in any way adversely impact the environment.
  • We have successfully mitigated any turbidity issues of silt runoff into the ocean with either geotextile tubes or discharge polymer injection practices.

Abaco Dredging and Beach Restoration

Our Dredging Services include the following:

Abaco Beach Restoration

Southern Dredging & Marine is available to help restore marinas and rebuild beaches using our dredging equipment to move sand from one area to another. Call us today for more information on our services. We can bring our own living accommodations, full crew, and professional dredging equipment.

Abaco Hurricane Relief

Our shoreline dredging for Abaco involves restoration of the shorelines and beaches that have lost their sand and other components from the hurricane. We can also build breakwaters and groynes to help protect shorelines, marinas and commercial areas from storms and wave surges.

Hydrographic Survey

Our Hydrographic Surveying Equipment is used to evaulate the contours of the ocean bed and the depth of the sand and silt prior to dredging or repairing marinas.We use state of the art GPS enabled equipment and software that guarantee the reliability and accuracy of our hydrographic survey data. We offer mapping rivers and coastal shorelines and Sub Bottom Profiling.

Abaco Marine Services

Abaco Marine Construction

We provide marine construction services for the Abaco Islands including marina, harbor and dock construction or maintenance, sea walls and other bank stabilization structures. Our pile driving Pile driving equipment includes diesel hammer, hydraulic hammer and vibratory pile driver. Call us to learn more at 770-831-8111.

Geotextile Tubes

Southern Dredging and Marine is a big advocate of using geotextile tubes for dredging discharge collection as a means of turbidity control. Geotextile tubes and bags can also be used successfully to collect and dewater sludge for later dispersement or for beach renewal. Our geotextile tubes are made of environment friendly polymers.

Breakwaters for Abaco Islands

Breakwaters are constructed with rubble mound, rip rap or geotextule tubes. When dredging spoils are used to fill geotextile tubes, we recommend armoring the tubes with concrete mattresses for added strength. Marine armour block in Abaco includes Xblocs, Bolos, Tetrapods and Accropodes to protect your marinas, beaches and structures from oncoming waves.

Our Dredging Services for Abaco Islands include Marinas, Docks & Piers,Water Ways, Ocean Harbors, Island Development, Lagoons, Breakwaters, Groynes and Beach Restoration.

JV Partnerships

From time to time Southern Dredging & Marine will enter into a JV Partnernship with other contractor companies to expand our services offered for  a specific project. Our crew and subcontracgtors are thoroughly qualified and trained and abide by all our professionalism required of our employees.

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