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Carolina Dredging Contractor

Dredging Services in North and South Carolina

Southern Dredging and Marine offers both hydraulic suction cutterhead and mechanical dredging services in the Carolinas. We have GPS Dredging Systems on our dredging equipment to monitor the depth of the dredging and amount of spoils removed. We can work with your engineers to help plan the proper methodology needed to make the job successful.

Carolina Dredging Contractors

Southern Dredging & Marine is a dredging contractor providing services for North and South Carolina.

We can mobilze the right dredges to fit your dredging projects for the depths you need and the removal of silt or sediment volume. We dredge channels to deepen harbors or marinas to safely allow more vessell traffic access. Our equipment is mobile and ready to ship to your site. Our crew are highly experienced, our project managers will assure meeting your deadlines and safety and regulatory compliance. Dredging offered for Marinas, Harbors, Ports, Rivers, Lakes, Lagoons.

Southern Dredging & Marine can manage your Carolina dredging project to include Desilting, Land Reclamation, Toxins Removal, Sediment Removal, Sludge Dewatering, Marina or Harbor Cutting or Deeping, Shoreline Erosion Protection, Maintenance Dredging.

Southern Dredging & Marine has the equipment and experience to get the dredging job done in North or South Carolina no matter how much sediment needs to be removed. Contact us today for a free estimate on your next project at 770-831-8111.

Hydrographic Surveys

Using high quality, GPS enabled equipment, we offer accurate and reliable hydrographic surveys services in the Carolinas. We can accurate bottom profiling and depth mapping of the shorelines, marinas, harbors, rivers, lakes and waterways.

Land Reclamation

We can provide beach restoration and land reclamation by pumping dredged spoils into geotextile tubes, dewatering the tubes and using the sand for land use. The material can be used in place or transported to any location. We can also build breakwaters from rubble mound, rip rap or geotextile tubes covered with concrete mattresses.

Geo Textile Tubes & Bags

GeoTextile tubes and bags provide solutions for solids recovery, dewatering and waste for your dredging projects in Carolinas. Geotextile tubes are used to create breakwaters in water fifteen feet or less, and can help create solutions for shoreline erosion control.

JV Partnerships

From time to time Southern Dredging & Marine will enter into a JV Partnernship with other contractor companies to expand our services offered for  a specific project. Our crew and subcontracgtors are thoroughly qualified and trained and abide by all our professionalism required of our employees.

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