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HDPE Pipe Fusing

Dredging Project setup includes fusing HDPE pipe for dredge discharge to designated containment area, geotextile bags or beach area for beach restoration.

Fusing HDPE Pipe for Dredge Discharge

Dredging involves fusing HDPE discharge pipe to pump dredge spoils to a designated area. Serving Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, Alabama and Louisiana, as well as the Bahamas, Abaco, and Exumas, and the Caribbean Islands including Dominican Republic, Cayman Islands, Trinidad & Tobago, St. Lucia, Barbados, Antigua, Anguilla, Aruba, Martinique, Grenada and Guadeloupe.  Call us for more information at 770-831-8111 or email us about your next project up for bid.

Fusing HDPE Pipe for Dredging

Hydraulic Dredging requires the use of HDPE pipe from the dredge discharge to pump the dredging spoils to an area designated to hold the dewatering material. After dewatering the spoils, the material can be transported to any location for futher use. This dewatered sand can also be pumped into Geotextile Tubes and, once dewatered, be used for beach renourishment or land reclamation as indicated by project specifications.

Dredging into Geotextile tubes

Southern Dredging & Marine provides hydraulic and mechanical dredging throughout the southeastern USA, The Bahamas and the Caribbean. Before beginning to dredge hydraulically, the HDPE pipe has to be fused using a heated fusing machine, like the McElroy Fusing Machine to connect to the dredge discharge and pump dredging material into a desired location.

Dredging Spoils Disposal

Fusing HDPE pipe with butt joins is the first step to preparing the dredge to remove unwanted sand, silt and mud to increase waterway depth in lagoons, oceans, rivers and lakes. The dredge pumps the spoils through the plastic pipe connected to it’s discharge and shoots the material to an area where it can be dewaterd and reused for land creation and beach renourishment.

Fusing Pipe

Fusing pipe involves heat fusion, or butt welding is used to butt join two pieces of a HDPE plastic pipe. Fusing pipe involves heating both pieces of pipe at the same time and pushing them together. Our McElroy Fusing Machine is capable of fusing 6″ to 18″ discharge pipe. The fused pipe is connected to the dredge discharge to pump the dredging spoils to a designated area. Dredging spoils can be reused to build or renourish beaches or create brand new land.

Building Pipe Floats

HDPE pipe is used in the dredging business for the dredge discharge. To make the pipe float when working, Southern Dredging & Marine contractors fashioned pipe floats from houseboat floats.

Dredging Services in USA, Bahamas & Caribbean

Our dredges are equipped with GPS equipment to provide satellite location, water depth and bottom profiling that includes the exact amount of sediment removed at any time. HDPE pipe is fused on location to dredge new channels and waterways, deepen marinas and harbors and provide maintenance dredging in Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Bahamas, Carolinas, Georgia, Caribbean Islands. Contact us at 770-831-8111 to learn more.

Beach Resoration Dredging

Beach Resoration and Renewal can be accomplished by dredging sand offshore and pumping to land either onto a containment area on land or directly into geotubes. Setting up a dredging project begins with the laying out of the pipe and fusing welds to create a path from the dredge discharge to the designated area. Dewatered materials can be used for land creation or beach restoration.

Dredging Spoils Solutions

HDPE pipe is commonly used in the dredging process to move the materials sucked up by the dreding cutterhead and pumped into an area on land or dumped as outlined by the project engineer. Dredging Excavation, the process of dislocating and removing of silt or sediments from the bottom of the coastal waterways can be pumped through HDPE pipe directly into geotextile tubes for an environmental clean experience.

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