Trinidad & Tobago Dredging Contractors

From Commercial Dredging to Residential Dredging and Industrial Dredging, we have the engineers, equipment and experience to get your Dredging project done efficiently Geo-textile Tubes in Trinidad & Tobago. We provide  maintenance dredging for Dock and Piers Dredging in Trinidad & Tobago, Marina's and Yacht Club Dredging in Trinidad & Tobago, Canals & Water Ways Dredging in Trinidad & Tobago, Lake and River Dredging in Trinidad & Tobago, Retention Ponds Dredging in Trinidad & Tobago, Reservoirs Dredging in Trinidad & Tobago, Channel Dredging in Trinidad & Tobago, Ocean Harbor Bay Dredging in Trinidad & Tobago, Boat Lift Dredging in Trinidad & Tobago and Construction Dredging in Trinidad & Tobago. Southern Dredging and Marine is a reliable, professional and innovative leader in transportable dredging services in Trinidad & Tobago. We can perform dredging services for customers throughout Trinidad & Tobago.

Southern Dredging and Marine has performed dredging services since 2002 under a vast array of different conditions, environments and locations.  We have a fleet of various size portable dredges of different designs. We believe in bringing the right dredge to most efficiently do your dredging project in Trinidad & Tobago. Southern Dredging and Marine employees continually under go extensive training on new technology, safety, environmental protection, OSHA and MSHA training, customer and public relations, and productivity improvement methods.

Southern Dredging and Marine equipment is also maintained regularly for preventative maintenance. We use biodegradable oil in all our dredges, on every project we keep spill containment kits. We strive to continually update all licensing and safety standards. We provide you with our full experience and dredging equipment to give you the best possible service for your dredging projects. We can do projects from Construction Dredging in  Trinidad & Tobago, Environmental Dredging in  Trinidad & Tobago, Mining Dredging in  Trinidad & Tobago, Navigational Dredging in  Trinidad & Tobago, Recreational Dredging in  Trinidad & Tobago, Restoration Dredging in  Trinidad & Tobago, and Specialty Dredging in  Trinidad & Tobago.

Southern Dredging and Marine values our customers, by building strong relationships with them. We maintain our commitment by meeting or exceeding their needs. We can help you convert wastes into resources in Trinidad & Tabago. We strive to create a useable resource in Trinidad & Tabago where only waste existed before - many times it can save our client’s money in the process! Learn more, call us at 770-831-8111.

Marine Dredging & Desilting for Trinidad & Tabago:

Harbor Channel Dredging and Maintenance
Pile Driving & Land Reclamation
Yacht Club and Marina Dresdging
River and CanalMaintenance Dredging
Commercial Water Way Dredging

We offer Dredging Services in Trinidad & Tabago for:

  • Docks & Piers Dredging
  • Marinas & Yacht club Dredging 
  • Canals & Water Ways Dredging  
  • Lakes & Rivers Dredging 
  • Retention Ponds Dredging
  • Construction Dredging 
  • Channel Dredging 
  • Boat Lift Dredging
  • Ocean Harbor Bay Dredging
  • Reservoirs Dredging Geo-textile Tubes