Dredging Services St. Lucia

An Overview of Dredging and Marine Services, St Lucia

Our company Southern Dredging and Marine offers a range of professional and cost effective dredging and marine services in St. Lucia.  We undertake dredging projects for residential property owners looking to improve their lakes and ponds. We work with industries to offer toxin removal services from water. We also partner with government and private sector for public projects like construction of harbor and docks, land reclamation and other construction projects in St Lucia.

Why Choose Southern Dredging and Marine for Your Projects in St Lucia

We are focused on providing the highest level of professional standards in our work. We have the reputation of adhering to timelines and budgets, irrespective of the scale of the project. Particularly in public dredging and marine projects St Lucia, delay could mean uncontrolled rise in costs and enhanced inconvenience to the public at large. Working with us ensures that you do not face these problems. 

Our organization is committed to quality and the highest customer service standards right from the top management to the last dredge operator on our team. All our operations personnel receive training on the latest equipment and also refresher training from time to time. The safety standards and procedures are adhered to all times. When we are working on your premises in St Lucia, rest assured, you are in ‘safe hands’. We are an environmentally responsible company and incorporate processes and equipment that are environment friendly.  Given below is an overview of our dredging and marine services in St Lucia


Dredging in St Lucia is essentially an excavation activity carried out in shallow seas or fresh water and also encompasses the movement of the dredged material to an appropriate location. In fact many times, the demand for dredging arises out of the demand for the dredged material in construction, land reclamation etc. We offer the following dredging services in St Lucia

Dredging Inland Waterways

We carry out dredging of inland water ways to deepen the channels and improve the transportation infrastructure in St. Lucia. This has a positive impact on the local economy by facilitating recreational boat excursions. Deepening inland waterways also helps improve national economy by allowing easier transport of goods by sea to other countries.

Land Reclamation

Our specialized dredges excavate sand, rock and clay from the seabed, which can be used to create newer land areas and thus achieve land reclamation in St. Lucia.

Hydrographic Surveying

Our hydrographic surveying, St. Lucia offers the following services.

Measurement of Sediment Levels

This gives information to help you determine dredging requirements.

Mapping Rivers and Coastal Shorelines

This helps navigational vessels chart out the optimal course for their trips.

Sub Bottom Profiling

Providing information on shoals, reefs and other potentially dangerous sub marine elements, our sub bottom profiling data helps keep St Lucia ships in safety.
We use the latest software and state of the art GPS enabled equipment that guarantee the accuracy and reliability of our data.

Marine Dredging Services

We offer the following marine construction services, St Lucia

Dredging of Marinas, Harbors and Rivers

We can handle any dredging project from conception to completion. Contact us now for more information. We can provide quotes from your engineering drawings or feasibility studies as well.

Beach Nourishment

We offer services for replenishing sand in beaches in St Lucia, which may have been eroded by storms or wave action. This improves recreational value of the beaches for the local community and visitors.
Our other marine construction services include construction of jetties, piers, land reclamation, breakwater construction and professional and reliable pile driving services.

Geotextile Tubes

We offer environmentally safe geotextile tubes and bags for various dewatering services in St Lucia. Industries which depend on sludge recovery will find our geotextile tubes extremely cost efficient as they recover maximum solids in minimal time. Construction industries can use our geotextile tubes for transport of dredged material to the appropriate construction sites. We also offer our geotextile tubes for municipal applications in St. Lucia.

Marine Armour Blocks

Continuous exposure to the waves can contribute to wearing down of your marine structures like harbors, retaining walls etc and affect their durability. We offer marine armour blocks in St. Lucia to protect your marine structures. Some of our popular marine armour blocks include Xblocs, Bolos, Tetrapods and Accropodes.

We Offer Dredging Services for St. Lucia:

  • Marina & Yacht Club Dredging
  • Lakes & River Dredging
  • Docks & Pier Dredging
  • Canals & Water Way Dredging
  • Retention Pond Dredging
  • Ocean Harbor Bay Dredging
  • Construction Dredging
  • Boat Lift Dredging
  • Reservoir Dredging
  • Channel Dredging