Protecting Shoreline Breakwater Armor blocks


A dolos is a unique civil engineering object, designed to break the impact of waves as they hit against harbour walls. This is a 25 ton concrete dolos being placed in position. Dolos can be a Straight Block, Xbloc, Tetrapod or Accropode.


xblock-breakwaterX-Bloc® is an interlocking armour unit designed to protect breakwaters and shorelines and has become very popular in breakwater uses. It is a reliable single layer Armour unit with structural integrity and has great hydraulic stability.

The Armour unit, called the Xbloc®, is a simple, robust and reliable single layer armour unit. It has considerable structural integrity as an individual element and has great hydraulic stability in the armour layer. Casting and placing the Xbloc® unit is straightforward and is very cost effective. Xbloc® units naturally find a stable position on the slope and automatically interlock with no specific orientation of the individual unit needed.

The highly porous armour layer minimizes wave overtopping and wave reflection. Xbloc® is the most economical single layer armour unit, cost less to construct and are virtually maintenance free.


rock-groyneTetrapod in coastal marine applications, is an interlocking four-legged armour unit designed to protect breakwaters and shorelines. The shape helps dissipate the force of the waves by causing the waves to go around the unit. The Tetrapod is placed randomly and mutually interlock.

In Breakwaters, Tetrapods have shown to be a better solution over boulders and conventional concrete blocks, as they sometimes become dislodged by the sheer force of the ocean's continually crashing waves. Another benefit for breakwaters is that Tetrapods can be numbered so they can be monitored by satellite photos to show any problems or displacement.