Pile Driving Construction

usa-pile-driving-pageOur marine construction service includes pile driving and pile foundations services for all your marine construction ventures. Our services are available in Florida, the Caribbean, Central America and South America.

Our marine piling and pile foundation services include installation and design of steel sheet piling, sheet piling, mini piling, micro piles, pipe piles, steel and timber piles, row headroom piles, rotary drills piles, caissons, mini caissons and much more.

We are a fully equipped and staffed to take your marine piling project through all the stages of construction, from concept, through designing and permits to professional installation. Add your dredging project to our pile driving services and we can handle your next project as a turnkey project. All our dredges are fully equipped with state-of-the-art GPS equipment for accurate project recording and reporting.

Southern Dredging & Marine also offers dock building solutions beginning with the dock design, obtaining permits, and the actual construction of your new dock, providing durability even for those with high bank waterfront and exposed locations. We only use the highest quality timbers and concrete floats, timber and aluminum walkways, counter balance systems, marine railways, moorings, and aluminum ramps. Our dock systems are designed for each location, allowing for the client's exposure, location, requirements and waterfront access. All dock systems we build are unique and designed to accommodate the needs of the location and needs of the customer, and are built to last.

Southern Dredging & Marine can provide you with solidly built retaining walls, bank reinforcement, hillside and slope remediation projects. We can shore up your shoreline with a retaining wall and help prevent slope movement and erosion, or provide vertical or near vertical grade changes. Our walls are usually made from stone, concrete, steel, masonry, vinyl or timber.

We offer GeoTextile Tubes as an anchoring system to stabilizing hillsides and slopes from erosion. Our custom designed retaining or seawalls can before  residential or commercial applications. Southern Dredging & Marine will obtain the appropriate building permits, and can offer services for both land or sea. Our services for Southern Dredging & Marine are offered throughout Florida, the Caribbean, Central America including Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama as well as South America.

If you have deteriorating concrete we can restore or reconstruct the concrete structures, replace piers and piles that have suffered from waterfront erosion. Our marine piling services include reinforcing and pouring concrete in many shapes within the challenging marine environment. We can also create concrete breakwaters, install or repair bulkheads whether commercial or residential. If you are interested in armour blocks for breakwater or bank enhancement, we can pour concrete to create the blocks, and install them at your job site.

We can perform installation of all types of piling. We can install sheet piles, H piles, pipe piles, wood piles and cast piles. We have the ability to install various types of piles using impact hammers or vibratory. We are experienced at conducting load bearing tests to assist engineers and architects in developing specific design criteria for foundation piles.  We are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to installation of piles for retention walls, docks, cofferdams, foundation piles, batter piles; pre cast piles, seawalls, jetties and deflection walls. We can perform the installation using marine based or land based equipment.

Our pile driving service provides foundation support for buildings, docks, marinas and marine structures. We employ the standard method of pile driving that places a heavy weight between guides where it can freely stand along a single line, then fitted to a pile. Using hydraulics, the weight is raised and dropped into the pile pushing it into the ground. Methods used to raise the weight to guide the pile including hydraulic hammer, hydraulic press-in, diesel hammer and vibratory pile drive/excavator. 

Pile Driving with Diesel Hammer

Diesel hammers are two-stroke diesel engines that have the weight in the piston, and the cylinder connects to the pile. The weight is lifted by cable,  a crane holds the pile driver, forcing air into the cylinder. Then the weight is suddenly dropped, compressing the air, which heats it to the ignition point of the diesel fuel, which is injected into the cylinder. This causes the mixture to detonate and transfers the energy to the pile head, forcing the weight back up. The workers repeat the cycle over and over again.

Hydraulic Hammer

To drive steel pipe precast concrete or timber piles, hydraulic Hammers are used. Because hydraulic hammers are quieter and emit less pollutants, thus more environmentally friendly, they are more popular today.

Vibratory Pile Driver / Extractor

Powered by hydraulics, Vibratory pile hammers work by counter-rotating eccentric weights, where the horizontal vibrations cancel out and force the vertical vibrations are transmitted into the pile. An excavator or crane lifts and positions the pile driving machine and is fastened to the pile by a clamp and/or bolts.

Vibratory hammers can both drive or extract the pile. Extraction is often used in recovering steel H piles that were placed for temporarily shoring the foundation. The diesel engine powered pump supplies the Hydraulic fluid to the driver head by hoses and powers the excavator's diesel engine. Vibratory pile drivers create less noise and are employed many times when vertical clearance above the foundation prevents the use of a conventional pile hammer.