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Dredging & Marine Services Jamaica

Our company Southern Dredging and Marine is the leading dredging and marine service provider in Jamaica. With a wide experience in the realm of dredging and marine services, we are successful in completing many of the most complex and formidable projects in Jamaica.

Reasons behind our success in Dredging and Marine Services in Jamaica

Possessing proficient and well-experienced engineers, advanced machinery, technology and sticking to the deadlines are the simple but hard reasons behind our success in dredging and marine services in Jamaica. We offer these services in the most reliable and cost effective way that satisfies our customers and makes them return to us for any of their dredging and marine services requirement.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of dredging and marine services to our customers in Jamaica. They are:


Dredging services in Jamaica refers to a digging activity carried out in water bodies to gather sediments and dispose them at different location. Dredging is a technique used to keep waterways suitable for navigation. Our dredging services in Jamaica include:


Our dewatering services in Jamaica include removal of water from the sludge and extracting the solids. Our company is part of many industrial and municipal applications in Jamaica. Our sludge dewatering techniques allow maximum extraction of solids from sludge in Jamaica.

Land Reclamation and Land Fill Services

We collaborated with many urban development projects in Jamaica through our land reclamation services. We also offer landfill services, which include, relocating the dredged materials like sand, stones etc to our land elevation and landfill projects in Jamaica.


Our desilting services in Jamaica are the best of its kind. Our desilting services in Jamaica include cleaning of wastes accumulated under the ships and boats in harbor, thus making them navigable easily.
Besides the above services, our dredging services in
Jamaica also include shoreline dredging, maintenance dredging for dams, lakes, harbors and ports, channel deepening, inland waterways.  Please contact us to know further information.

Hydrographic Surveying

Our cutting-edge hydrographic surveying equipment with GPS feature provides the high-resolution data, enabling us to track the vessels accurately. It ensures safe navigation of vessels in the seas and oceans. Our hydrographic surveying services in Jamaica include:

Sub Bottom Profiling

Our sub bottom profiling service in Jamaica helps to detect the different kinds of water bodies such as shoals, reefs, which may harm vessels. Vessels and ships use this data to explore the safest route to their destination.

Measuring Sediment Levels

It is necessary to make decisions on the type of dredging services in any area as presence of high sediment levels may cause damage to the vessels. Our sediment measurement levels service in Jamaica gives the information about the amount of sediment levels present in an area.

Mapping Rivers & Coastlines

Our mapping rivers and coastlines service in Jamaica provides the most important data, which helps the vessels in finding out the most suitable path to the destination accurately.

Marine Construction

We have completed many marine construction projects successfully for various clients in Jamaica. The below are the marine construction services that we offer in Jamaica.

Breakwater Construction

We offer innovative breakwater construction services in Jamaica, that can tolerate the severe effects of tidal and sea conditions.


We consider many factors like location, exposure and access to waterfront etc while constructing docks in Jamaica.  Our docks are durable and easily allow ships and vessels to rest on a dry platform for unloading.
Besides the above services, our marine construction services in
Jamaica also include land reclamation and construction of breakwater, pile driving, jetties and piers. For further information, you can contact us.

Geotextile Tubes

Geotextile tubes are used for dewatering and controlling dredge materials or industrial wastes. Our geotextile tubes in Jamaica are harmless to the environment and also economical. We also offer customized sizes as required by the customer. Geotextile tubes that we offer in Jamaica are the cheap and best solutions for the construction of shoreline protection structures.

Marine Armour Block

Shorelines are always affected by the continuous waves, which are harmful. We offer a variety of armour block solutions like Xblocs, Bolos, Tetrapods and Accropodes in Jamaica, which protects the shorelines from this harmful effects and increase their durability.

We Offer Dredging Services for Jamaica:

  • Marina & Yacht Club Dredging
  • Lakes & River Dredging
  • Docks & Pier Dredging
  • Canals & Water Way Dredging
  • Retention Pond Dredging
  • Ocean Harbor Bay Dredging
  • Construction Dredging
  • Boat Lift Dredging
  • Reservoir Dredging
  • Channel Dredging