Hydrographic Survey Contractors

Hydrographic Surveying is the first step in any dredging project to determine the current depth of the proposed dredging area, the contours of the marine environment bed, and the particle makeup of the soil or marine bed. Once the survey is complete, the factors determining the project can be analyzed and the dredging depth and methodology can be decided. If you are planning any type of marine construction that involves dredging, contact us to learn more about our services. We operate in Florida, the Bahamas and Exumas, the Caribbean and Central America.

Surveys include:

  • Mapping the bottom contours of coastal shorelines, lakes and rivers
  • Pre-dredging and post-dredging surveys
  • Underwater obstructions / site investigations
  • Bottom core sampling and testing
  • Monitoring lake sedimentation
  • Volume calculations

Mapping Rivers

Southern Dredging & Marine can provide precise GPS surveys of water depth and sub-bottom contours for rivers as well using hydrographic software and an onboard computer to interface with a single beam or multi beam echo sounder providing precise water depth measurements mapped to real-time GPS positions, sending depth-position data sets as the vessel moves along the course. 

To determine the river boundaries, precise GPS positions are collected dipicting shifting water elevations precisely. Thus we can monitoring seasonal sediment transport, measuring baseline conditions, and monitoring seasonal sediment transport.

Measuring Sediment

When sediment thickness needs to be measured, we implement a dual-frequency echo sounder that precisely collects data on sediment at sub-bottom depths. This information is used for planning dredging projects and determining the volume of sediment to be removed, and the makeup of the sediment. Our services will include cross-sectional and 3-D views as well as volume computations.

Our Hydrographic surveys and sub-bottom profiling are important to planning your dredging projects and determining the factors that go into the job. Our services for Southern Dredging & Marine are offered throughout the eastern portion of the United States including Florida, the Caribbean, Central America including Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama as well as South America.