Guyana Enviro Dredging Contractors

GEOTEXTILE TUBES used in dredging services for Guyana !

Our professionally trained staff, knowledge and experience needed and transportable equipment to get your dredging project done regardless of size in Guyana. We offer commercial dredging Guyana, residential dredging Guyana, industrial dredging Guyana, navigational dredging Guyana and construction dredging Guyana. 

We can do maintenance dredging for canal and water ways dredging in Guyana. Maintenance dredging in Guyana is done for routine removal of accumulated sediments from channel beds to maintain the designed depths of navigation channels, boat launches, marinas, and port facilities.

Routinely maintenance dredging in Guyana is conducted regularly for navigational purposes and typically does not include expansion of the previously dredged areas.

The main characteristics of maintenance dredging projects in Guyana are: variable quantities of material, soft un-compacted soil, contaminant content possible, thin layers of material, occurring in navigation channels, harbors and repetitive activity. Maintenance dredging in Guyana occurs mainly in artificially deepened navigation areas.

Southern Dreding and Marine can provide superior services for your next dredging in Guyana or dewatering project in Guyana. It is our number one priority to offer our customers in Guyana the best quality dredging services possible to optimize their facilities. Our staff members are highly trained experts in their fields and are committed to providing our customers with complete satisfaction of the project.

We can provide inland waterways dredging in Guyana, pipeline trenches in Guyana and backfill in Guyana, pipelines in Guyana or immersed tunnel elements in Guyana. We can do dredging services of environmental dredging in Guyana, underwater foundations in Guyana, road and railways in Guyana, flood control systems in Guyana (dams, dikes, levees) flood defenses in Guyana.

We provide superior service in land reclamation in Guyana, desilting in Guyana and removal of aquatic vegetation in Guyana. If you are looking for a professional experienced firm that can deliver superior dredging services for your dredging project in Guyana, then you want to give Southern Dreding and Marine a call. We can have a professional knowledgeable staff, with the experience and transportable equipment.

We Offer Dredging Services for Guyana:

  • Lake Dredging
  • Mine Tailings Dredging
  • Channel & Canal Dredging
  • Island Creation
  • Pond Dredging
  • River Dredging
  • Marina Dredging
  • Power Plant Dredging
  • Wetland Creation
  • Lagoon Dredging
  • Golf Course Dredging
  • Sand Dredging