Exhuma Islands Dredging Contractor

Southern Dredging and Marine, Inc. can take care of all your dredging, dewatering, destiling, sediment removal and sludge in The Exumas

We are a leading company in The Exumas when it comes to Dredging projects. We are here to assist you with any dredging project you may have in The Exumas, regardless of the size. We have the a professionally trained staff, the experience needed and transportable equipment to get your dredging project done in The Exumas.

Southern Dredging and Marine is a dredging, sediment removal and environmental service company that can provide a variety of services to the industrial, Utility, Municipal, Residential, Commercial clients in The Exumas Our long and short term services are offered throughout the Caribbean and Central America. Our goal is to offer our customers the best quality dredging services for all their dredging projects in The Exumas We specialize in Petrochemical Industry including Oil and Gas in The Exumas, Inter coastal & Marina in The Exumas, Aquatic Plant Removal in The Exumas, Public Utilities in The Exumas and any project related to Dredging in The Exumas, Dewatering in The Exumas and Destiling in The Exumas This includes but is not limited to sediment removal in The Exumas from lakes, ponds in The Exumas and waterways in The Exumas, dredging of sludge and silt in The Exumas from lagoons and industrial ponds, biological waste removal in The Exumas from waste water treatment lagoons, harbor and marina clean out in The Exumas and channel deepening in The Exumas.

We offer Construction Dredging in The Exumas:

We can use our dredges in The Exumas during construction projects that require creation of trenches for pipelines and tunnels, and forming of foundations for structures. Dredging can also be used at the onset of your project in The Exumas  to help remove land, create harbors and marinas, create channels, create land and various other construction needs. Depending on your project requirements, we have many dredging options available to meet the demands for your construction dredging project in The Exumas 

Restoration Dredging in The Exumas:

We can also use our dredges in The Exumas to restore beaches, streams, coastlines, wetlands, lakes and for other reclamation projects in The Exumas Many coastal areas have a shortage of land for development, therefore, dredges can be used to pump material ashore and create the new land needed or restore any eroded material in The Exumas There are various dredge types we can use for the restoration dredging, which depend on your dredging project requirements in The Exumas

Navigational Dredging in The Exumas:

We can use navigational dredging in The Exumas to deepen channels and waterways which will improve navigation. Navigational dredging in The Exumas is commonly used in harbors, ports and shipping channels as a way to maintain the waterways, so that large oil tankers, barges, large ships, naval vessels and container ships can pass. Periodically it is required to have Maintenance Dredging in The Exumas to remove sediment, for almost every navigable waterway and ports.

Marine Services for The Exumas:

Residential & Commercial Dock Construction
Commercial Water Way Dredging
Port & Harbor Dredging
Yacht Club and Marina Dredging
Pile Driving & Land Reclamation


We offer Dredging Services in The Exumas for:

  • Marinas & Yacht Club Dredging           
  • Lakes & Rivers Dredging               
  • Docks & Piers Dredging               
  • Canals & Water Ways Dredging           
  • Retention Ponds Dredging
  • Channel Dredging
  • Ocean Harbor Bay Dredging
  • Construction Dredging
  • Boat Lift Dredging
  • Reservoirs Dredging