Dredging and Marine contractors in Central America

Need for Dredging and Marine Construction Services in Central America

Our company, Southern Dredging & Marine, offers professional dredging and marine services to clients in Central America. We will offer the best solutions at competitive prices for all your dredging and marine services requirements in Central America.

A water body begins to collect sediments over a period of time, which reduces its depth and quality. Our dredging services in Central America remove the sediments and restore the quality and depth of the water. We also offer dredging services in Central America for cleaning industrial waste from water, improving the transport infrastructure and reclaiming land for urban development.

Call us to improve the water features in lakes within your property. Our lake dredging services in Central America offer depth to lake and clear up the water so it can be used more effectively for irrigation or recreation.

Dewatering & Desilting

We use the most advanced equipment to provide the best dewatering solutions for your needs including sludge dewatering that maximizes solids removal from the sludge. We offer desilting services in Central America to clear water bodies of industrial waste and / or aquatic vegetation. We work with the private sector and government agencies to provide optimal dewatering and desilting services in Central America.

 Channel Deepening

Our dredging services in Central America add further depth to water bodies resulting in channel deepening. This helps boat and yacht owners to sail more comfortably. It also facilitates easier passage of ships and other vessels in Central America.

Our other dredging services in Central America include shoreline dredging, dredging in inland water ways and dams, maintenance dredging services for port and harbors and land reclamation dredging services. We use GPS enabled dredges and hydraulic dredges for the best results. Contact us today to know more about these services.

Hydrographic Surveying

Hydrographic surveying in Central America is an essential service offered by us to ensure safety of vessels charting a particular course. We provide the following hydrographic surveying services

Mapping Rivers & Coastlines

This service allows vessels to clearly mark out their course, with the knowledge of the exact location of coastlines in Central America..

Sub Bottom Profiling

We carry out sub bottom profiling to determine the presence of shoals, reefs and other such objects that may pose danger to vessels traveling that course. With our sub bottom profile data in Central America, you can be rest assured your vessels will sail through without encountering any submarine obstacles.

Measuring Sediment

Our sediment measuring services in Central America provide valuable input on determining the need and nature of dredging services required.
We are keenly aware of the need for accurate hydrographic surveying and use GPS enabled equipment and the best software to provide the most reliable hydrographic surveying services in Central America.

Land Reclamation

We offer land reclamation services which allow further urban development in Central America.
Our other marine construction services in Central America include construction of harbors, piers, water fronts and break water construction. Contact us to know more about these services.

Geotextile Tubes

In order to offer the most efficient dewatering services for you in Central America, we use geotextile tubes. Our geotextile recover maximum solids from the sludge in minimum time, making the process very cost efficient for you. We use our geotextile tubes for industrial as well as municipal applications in Central America. The geotextile tubes are made of environment friendly polymers, further strengthening our commitment to preserving the environment.

Marine Armour Blocks

In order to protect the shores from the harmful effects of the incoming waves, we offer a variety of marine armour blocks in Central America. Some of the marine armour blocks we offer include XBloc, Bolos, Tetrapod and Acropod.

We offer Dredging Services in Central America for:

  • Docks & Piers Dredging
  • Marinas & Yacht Club Dredging
  • Canals & Water Ways Dredging
  • Lakes & Rivers Dredging
  • Retention Ponds Dredging
  • Breakwaters
  • Piers, Marinas
  • Construction Dredging
  • Channel Dredging
  • Boat Lift Dredging
  • Ocean Harbor Bay Dredging
  • Reservoirs Dredging
  • Hyrdrographic Surveying
  • Land Reclamation