Aruba Dredging & Dewatering Services

We work throughout Florida, the Bahamas and Exumas, the Caribbean and Central America. We can do dredging, dewatering, destiling, sediment removal and sludge in Aruba. There are many types of dredging services such as Residential Dredging in Aruba, Commercial Dredging in Aruba, Industrial Dredging in Aruba, and Construction Dredging in Aruba.

Construction Dredging Aruba and Industrial Dredging Aruba, refers to use of dredged material for things as port development, airports, and urban and residential developments. Historically, dredging and shoreline developments in urban areas of Aruba have gone hand and hand. Portion of some places are industrial and residential areas of Aruba can be built on dredged material fill. In some cases, planning for port improvements in Aruba and water dependent commercial developments, in Aruba relies on the use of dredged material for construction fill.

There are beneficial uses of dredged material in Aruba, dredging is necessary to maintain the system of waterways in Aruba. Approximately 400 million cubic yards of material is dredged each year. We must find a disposal sites that are beneficial or used for another environmentally acceptable purpose.

Southern Dredging Services is one of the leading companies in Aruba for dredging projects. We can assist you with any dredging project from Aruba land reclamation and pile driving. We can do dredging for reservoirs in Aruba, boat lift dredging in Aruba, docks and piers dredging in Aruba, retention ponds dredging in Aruba, lakes and rivers dredging in Aruba. We can also do ocean harbor bay dredging in Aruba, channel dredging in Aruba and canals, water way dredging in Aruba. Regardless of the size of your dredging project we have the professional trained staff, the experience needed and transportable equipment to get your dredging project done in Aruba.

We can also do beach restoration, beach rebuilding by repairing beaches using materials such as sand or mud from inland. This can be used to build up beaches suffering from beach starvation or erosion from long shore drift. This stops the movement of the original beach material through long shore drift and retains a natural look to the beach. Although this is not a long lasting solution, it can be less cost compared to other types of coastal defenses.

We Offer Dredging Services for Aruba:

  • Dredging & Sediment Removal
  • Toxins Removal
  • Desilting & Aquatic Plant Removal
  • Land Reclamation
  • Sludge/ Settlement Dewatering
  • Harbor Navigation Dredging
  • Revitalizing Marinas
  • Restoring Reservoirs
  • Environmental Sites Services





Marine Construction Aruba:

  • Marinas & Yacht Club Dredging
  • Lakes & River Dredging
  • Docks & Piers Dredging
  • Canals & Water Ways Dredging
  • Retention Ponds Dredging
  • Channel Dredging
  • Ocean Harbor Bay Dredging
  • Constructions Dredging
  • Boat Lift Dredging
  • Reservoirs Dredging