Barbados Dredging Contractors

Southern Dredging and Marine specializes in various dredging services throughout the Barbados, Caribbean and Central America

We can do Residential dredging in Barbados, Commercial dredging in Barbados, Industrial dredging in Barbados, Construction dredging in Barbados, Remedial dredging in Barbados, Capitol dredging in Barbados, Restoration dredging in Barbados, Navigational dredging in Barbados, Municipal dredging in Barbados, Maintenance dredging in Barbados, Mining dredging in Barbados, Recreational dredging  in Barbados and Specialty dredging in Barbados.

Dredging is the relocation of materials recovered from beneath the waters surface. Underwater sediments and soils can be used for construction and maintenance of waterways, dikes and transportation infrastructures and for reclamation and soil improvements. Dredging is vital to our social and economic development, our economic prosperity and social well-being depend on it because it is most importantly for construction and maintenance of much of our infrastructure. Dredging sediment and soil can be used in various products such as sand and gravel that is used in concrete mixtures.

We can provide you with dredging services for your next dredging project in Barbados. We offer dredging and sediment removal in Barbados. We also do toxins removal, desilting and aquatic plant removal in Barbados. We can do dredging projects of land reclamation, sludge and settlement dewatering in Barbados. Dredging projects of revitalizing marinas, restoring reservoirs and environmental site services in Barbados. Southern Dredging and Marine can do dredging to extend waterways, harbors and ports and inland waterways in Barbados.

Our staff is exceptionally trained and experienced in every level of the dredging industry, from our management to our supervisors and dredging operators. Our personnel receives continual training to stay up-to-date on all the industry changes and advancements. Our experience includes welding, mechanics, equipment operation, electrical and other skills that help ensure projects run smoothly and right on schedule. Our professional experienced staff, with innovative transportable equipment, methods and process, have made us a leader in the dredging industry in Barbados.

Our equipment is maintained regularly for preventative maintenance. We use biodegradable oil in all our dredges, on every project in Barbados, we keep spill containment kits. We provide you with our full experience and dredging equipment to give you the best possible service for your dredging project in Barbados. We can help you convert wastes into resources in Barbados. We strive to create a useable resource in Barbados where only waste existed before - many times it can save our client's money in the process.

Southern Dredging and Marine are here to assist you with any dredging project you may have in Barbados, regardless of size. Whether your Barbados dredging project requires moving one to three million cubic yards of mud or the removal of sediment under one boat slip. We have the engineers, transportable equipment and experience to get your dredging project done in Barbados.

We Offer Dredging Services for Barbados:

  • Construction Dredging
  • Deepening or Extending Waterways Dredging
  • Harbors and Ports Dredging
  • Maintenance Dredging
  • Environmental Dredging          
  • Inland Waterways Dredging           
  • Pipeline Trenches and Back fill Dredging
  • Land Reclamation Dredging
  • Underwater Foundations Dredging
  • Roads and Railways Dredging
  • Pipelines or Immersed Tunnel Elements Dredging
  • Flood Control Systems Dredging (Dams, Dikes, Levees)
  • Desilting and Removal of Aquatic Vegetation Dredging
  • Storage Capacity for Reservoirs Dredging
  • Specialty Dredging
  • Recreational Dredging
  • Mining Dredging
  • Mechanical Dredging
  • Municipal Dredging
  • Navigational Dredging
  • Restoration Dredging
  • Capitol Dredging
  • Remedial Dredging
  • Industrial Dredging
  • Commercial Dredging
  • Residential Dredging
  • Flood Defenses Dredging