Honduras Dredging Contractor

Benefits of Dredging and Marine Services, Honduras

Our company, Southern Dredging and Marine offers a variety of dredging and marine services in Honduras.  We use state of the art dredges to ensure that all your dredging and marine projects are executed while maintaining the highest quality standards and adhering to the strict budget and time deadlines.

Need for Dredging Services in Honduras

  • Dredging is an activity that is extremely beneficial to world commerce as well as the environment.
  • Dredging enables to deepen inland waterways and channels that facilitate easier navigation for vessels transporting goods between different countries throughout the world.
  • Dredging also promotes recreational boating by deepening ponds and lakes and allowing easy access for larger boats.
  • Dredging in Honduras is an important activity essential for land reclamation and construction as the dredged/ excavated material is used for this purpose.
  • Dredging also helps improve the environment by removal of industrial toxins from water bodies as well as restoration of natural water based ecosystems in Honduras

Our Dredging and Marine Services Honduras Advantage

  • We carry regular maintenance checks on our dredges and upgrade equipment regularly. All our operations personnel are highly trained mechanics who undergo hands on training on the equipment and are well versed with operational standards and safety standards.
  • We have a wide range of dredges including suction dredges, water injection dredges, air lift dredges, bucket dredges and others. This enables us to choose just the right equipment for your project to ensure optimal results.
  • We are an environment friendly company and ensure that our dredging and marine processes Honduras do not in any way adversely impact the environment.
  • We offer the following dredging and marine services for the benefit of our clients in Honduras.


Our dredging services include the following

Dewatering and Desilting

Dewatering and desilting services are essential for clients in Honduras who wish to recover solids from the river bed and /or other water bodies. We use our specialized dredges to remove material from ponds, lakes, dams etc and pump them to holding areas where they are dewatered to recover the solids.

Shoreline Dredging

Our shoreline dredging Honduras involves restoration of the shorelines and beaches that have lost their sand and other components due to erosion and storm effects.
We also offer dredging services for dams, channels, inland waterways and land reclamation. Contact us for more information on these services.

Hydrographic Survey

We are aware of the significant role hydrographic surveying plays in the safety of navigational vessels and we take our responsibility seriously. We use the state of the art GPS enabled equipment and software that guarantee the reliability and accuracy of our hydrographic survey data. We offer the following hydrographic survey information in Honduras

Mapping rivers and coastal shorelines

This provides vessels with necessary location information.

Sub Bottom Profiling

This alerts vessels to presence of potentially dangerous elements on the ocean bed like shoals and reefs.
Measuring Sediment Levels
This helps vessels determine the depth available for ease of navigation. This information helps make decisions on dredging requirements.

Marine Construction

We offer a range of marine construction services in Honduras including harbor and dock construction, construction of sea walls and other bank stabilization structures. We specialize in pile driving services that form the foundation for the marine structures.  Our resources include a variety of specialized pile driving equipment like diesel hammer, hydraulic hammer and vibratory pile driver, which enables us to choose the right equipment for your marine construction project.
Our other marine construction services in Honduras include construction of jetties, piers, restoration of beaches and land reclamation services. Do get in touch with us for more details on these services.

Geotextile Tubes

Southern Dredging and Marine offers the most efficient sludge dewatering process in Honduras, using our patented, high resistance geotextile tubes and bags. The geotextile tubes find application in our dredging operations too for transport of excavated material to the appropriate site. Our geotextile tubes are made of environment friendly polymers reaffirming our commitment to the environment.

Marine Armour Blocks

Our range of marine armour block solutions in Honduras includes Xblocs, Bolos, Tetrapods and Accropodes to protect your marine structures from the effects of the oncoming waves.

We Offer Dredging Services for Honduras:

  • Marina & Yacht Club Dredging
  • Lakes & River Dredging
  • Docks & Pier Dredging
  • Canals & Water Way Dredging
  • Retention Pond Dredging
  • Ocean Harbor Bay Dredging
  • Construction Dredging
  • Boat Lift Dredging
  • Reservoir Dredging
  • Channel Dredging