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The Most Versatile Dredging and Marine Services in Gautemala

Our company, Southern Dredging and Marine, caters to all your dredging and marine dredging requirements in Guatemala, making us the most versatile service provider for this sector. Whatever your dredging requirements, whether it is residential dredging or large scale industrial dewatering, we have a solution for you. Our services are also available for large scale government and public projects like docks and harbor dredging, land reclamation and improvement of public waterways infrastructure.

We offer the most professional and cost effective dredging and marine services in Guatemala. Our focus is on ensuring that we complete the allocated projects on time and within the stipulated budget, providing high quality of work. All our staff undergo constant training on state of the art equipment and are well versed with essential safety procedures. All our equipment and processes are environment friendly.

Our Dredging and Marine Services Guatemala

We offer following dredging and marine services to clients in Guatemala.


The objective of dredging in Guatemala is to ensure that all the extraneous, unwanted material is removed out from any water body such as lake, pond, channels etc , so as to improve its depth and quality. Our dredging services include the following

Channel Deepening

Over a period of time, channels that feed water into the inland waterways and ponds, gets choked off due to accumulation of sediment and other materials. As a result, the depth of the channel is reduced, making the movement of boats and other vessels difficult. Our dredging service Guatemala removes sediment deposition from the channel and deepens the channel, improving the access facilities for boats.

Land Reclamation

Our land reclamation service, Guatemala, involves the use of disposed, dredged materials to create newer areas of land. Land reclamation can also repair environmental damage, for instance, we carry out ‘beach nourishment’ projects to restore beaches that may have become severely eroded.
Our other dredging services Guatemala include shoreline dredging, dewatering and desilting, dredging in dams, lakes ports and harbors. For more information on these services, do get in touch with us.

Hydrographic Surveying Service

We use the latest equipment for hydrographic surveying service, Guatemala, which offer valuable information about the sub bottom profile to ensure safety of the navigational vessels. We also offer services for measuring sediment levels that is helpful for determining dredging requirements. As part of our hydrographic surveying service, Guatemala, we make available to you location of rivers and coastlines so that vessels can chart their optimal navigational course, also taking into consideration, the sub bottom profiling data.

Geotextile Tubes

Our state of the art geotextile tubes are important components of our dewatering services, Guatemala. Our geotxtile tubes are composed of environment friendly, woven polypropylene yarn that has high resistance. It is our guarantee that during the dewatering process, our geotextile tube yarns maintain their relative positions, ensuring optimal performance. We offer our geotextile tubes for sludge dewatering, shoreline protection and land reclamation projects in Guatemala. The geotextile tubes offer maximum solid recovery from sludge and the solids in tubes can be transported as such to land fill areas or areas of land reclamation.

Marine Armour Block

We offer marine armour block services, Guatemala to sea walls, harbor walls and other marine structures to protect them from the damaging effects of the oncoming waves. Our XBlock armours are interlinking armour units, made of concrete that form a protective layer for your marine structures. Our other marine armour blocks in Guatemala include Bolos, accropodes and tetrapods.

We Offer Dredging Services for Guatemala:

  • Marina & Yacht Club Dredging
  • Lakes & River Dredging
  • Docks & Pier Dredging
  • Canals & Water Way Dredging
  • Retention Pond Dredging
  • Ocean Harbor Bay Dredging
  • Construction Dredging
  • Boat Lift Dredging
  • Reservoir Dredging
  • Channel Dredging