GeoTextile Tubes Sludge De-watering

"GeoTextile Tubes will be the Industry Standard in the Coming Years!"

Dredging is evolving into a more environmentally friendly industry with the advent of GeoTextile Tubes and Bags as a means of capturing and containing the spoils from dredging. In the past, the only means of containing the sand, silt and spoils from the process of hydraulic or mechanical dredging was to either pump the material into a pre-built hole in the ground called a "cell" or pump into movable containers such as a barge, dump truck, or other item. Today, there are choices that include the GeoTextile Tubes and Bags, and there are many advantages as well as a few inconveniences.

The first advantage of using GeoTextile Tubes is for reuse of the spoils after the GeoTextile bag or tube has dewatered. If sand has been dredged and pumped into the tube, then once the water has drained and evaporated, what is left is gorgeous sand ready to be reused for beach reclamation and refurbishing as well as new land reclamation. Silt can also be used after dewatering for creating or repairing land.

The second advantage of using GeoTextile Tubes or Bags is the fact that the dredging creates very little turbidity and disruption of the marine environment. The disturbed material is pumped directly into the bags rather than being thrown back into water or a cell. This is big!  The environment is left intact with very little damage.

The only real disadvantage to using GeoTextile Tubes or Bags is the difficulty of the task is greater than just dumping the spoils into a hole or back into the water. It requires more man power, lots of stops and starts to realign the discharge pipes, and is much slower going. Dredging times will slow down and take a longer period of time to complete.

Property owners should weigh the pros and cons before making the final decision. There are many instances where using GeoTextile Tubes and Bags would not be required, but when environmental concerns are an issue, or turbidity issues, the answer is simple. And as the use of GeoTextile Tubes and Bags becomes more popular, Environmental Agencies will be more insistent upon their use. It helps retain the beauty of the environment and the impact on the environment is minimal compared to older techniques. It is less apt to distribute toxins. Reservoirs are a prime target and should only consider their use to keep the turbidity at a minimum.

Plus, the advantage of getting to reuse the sand or silt for other purposes is huge.

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