GeoTextile Tubes De-watering & Shoreline Breakwaters,

usa-Stone_covered_tubeSouthern Dredging & Marine's environmentally friendly Geotextile tubes and bags are offer quick and easy installation whether above or below the water's surface.

These geotextile tubes and bags are known as "soft structures" that do not effect the habitat and are much more cost effective than "hard structures" such as rocks or armour accropodes. Also, GeoTextile Tubes can be hydraulically or mechanically filled in water depths of up to 15 feet, or filled on dry land. They are UV resistant and are especially important to projects where rocks, concrete or other hard structures are in short supply. Using these tubes and bags can add strength to the coastline, help prevent erosion or act as a sand dune.

Our GeoTextile Tubes and Bags  have high strength, UV resistant. Because they are “soft” armored structures, permits are usually easier to obtain than hard armored structures. Southern Dredging & Marine Geotextile Tubes have various marine uses including Breakwaters, Dykes, Dune Cores, Revetments, Shoreline, Reefs and Groynes.

GeoTextile Tubes and Bags for Marsh Creation

Another unique use of geotextile tubes is for land reclamation and marsh creation. The tubes are filled with dredged spoils to a desired elevation and formed into a circle. Because the tubes are soft armor, the perimeter is often created with riprap, concrete, Xbloc®,  accropodes or tetrapods.

Southern Dredging & Marine Engineered Coastline Sand Bags

Southern Dredging & Marine offers Engineered Sand Bags which are highly UV resistan, sand-colored, and filled with sand, and will not mar the beauty of the environment. They can replace stone, concrete, or hardened armor systems. The bags are especially useful where there local stone is in shortage. Southern Dredging & Marine's Engineered Sand Bags are easy to install, whether above and below the water surface. Perfect alternative to hard structures.

 The bags have easy to fill ports and look good after filling, blending with the environment. The pleasing looks and ease of installation make the bags the right solution for commercial applications or even for private landowners seeking to protect their waterfront property.

Southern Dredging & Marine's Engineered Sand Bags are for shoreline coastal engineering structuresStorm water detention ponds, dredging Sediment removal, retention Basin maintenance, ponds, reservoirs, lagoons, . We service all of Florida, the Bahamas, Exumas, Central America including Belize and all of the Caribbean such as Trinidad and Tobago, St. Kitts, Aruba, Jamaica and more.

Contact us for a free quote at 770-831-8111. We can customize the tubes to the size you need to fit your specific job requirements. Our product is superior to any competitor and our prices are very competitive and affordable.