Dredging Bahamas, Caribbean Islands and Central America.

dredge3-aboutSouthern Dredging & Marine is based out of Atlanta, Georgia and is available for dredging, dewatering and destilling projects throughout Florida, the Caribbean Islands. Call us for more information Toll Free at 770-831-8111 or Email us about your next project up for bid.

Our Goals

We strive to offer our clients professional dredging and marine services utilizing our highly trained, expert staff members and sub contractors, completing our projects within the time frame expected. Many of our projects come to us by word of mouth, and we value our reputation, performing to the highest standards.

Dredging & Marine Services Offered

Southern Dredging & Marine performs Dredging contractors consulting services thoughout Caribbean Islands, Dewatering and Desilting for the Oil and Gas Petrochemical Industry, Marinas and Harbors, River Dredging Projects, Channel Dredging and other projects trelated o the Dredging, Dewatering and Desilting projects. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sediment removal from various marine, lake or river environments
  • Dredging of sludge and silt
  • Removal of lillys, weeds, vines and floating grasses
  • Biological waste removal from waste water treatment lagoons
  • Harbor and marina cleanout
  • Harbor channel deepening
  • Land reclamation
  • Breakwater construction
  • Harbor, port and marina desilting

Turnkey Projects

Southern Dredging & Marine can help you with your marine project by dredging the inland waterways or coastal shoreline. This GPS guided dredges will determine the amount of dredging performed We can dredge the waterway, removing or relocating the spoils, and create any breakwaters that may be needed as determined in the scope of work, as well as manage the use of geotextile tubes for disposal of silt or sludge. Contact us to discuss in depth your marine dredging requirements. Call us Toll Free at 706-654-0062, email us, or fill out the contact form to get started. Our services are offered throughout Florida and the Caribbean.

Environmental Protection and Loss Prevention

Southern Dredging & Marine is committed to the safety of our employees,  as well as the protection and preservation of the environment of the project. We adhere to the guidelines rules for safety and health as it applies to the dredging environment. Our personnel all have the required 40 hour HAZWOPER, IMSHA, CPR and First Aid Responders training. We also strive to provide a safe work environment and comply with all health and safety rules.  Our employees and contractors are trained in how to work safely in their project environment. We also strive to protect the working environment and customer's facilities.

Highly Trained Staff

Our management, supervisors and operators are highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of the dredging, dewatering and desilting industry which includes equipment operation, mechanics, welding, electrical and more. We keep an eye on the industry and continually upgrade both our knowledge and equipment to stay as a premier service provider in industry. Our services for Southern Dredging & Marine are offered throughout the eastern portion of the United States including Florida as well as the Caribbean Islands.

Affiliate & JV Partners

From time to time Southern Dredging & Marine will employ Affiliate or JV Partner Companies to expand our services offered for  a specific project. Our subcontractors are thoroughly qualified and trained and abide by all our professionalism required of our employees.