Articulating Concrete Block Mattresses

concrete mattresses erosion controlWhat is Articulating Block Concrete Mattresses?

Articulating Block Mats are GeoTextile Fabric forms that have been reinforced with cable and connect together continuously to meet the size and dimensions needed on a particular project. The mattresses are then filled with concrete that then become an armored concrete block mattress. The result is an armored protection against erosive forces, wave action, erosion, wind waves and more. These cable-reinforced concrete mattresses can be used where exposed to frontal abuse by wave action. Concrete Mattresses can be employed to protect breakwaters, GeoTextile tubes, shorelines, embankments, canals, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, underwater pipelines, bridge piers, groins and jetties from possible damaging wind or wave action, propeller wash, ship wakes, currents, hurricane action or other events. Other uses worldwide have been in construction of landfills and collector channels.

Old Methods vs Newer, More Environmentally Friendly Methods

concrete mattresses erosion controlArticulating Blocks created from GeoTextile Concrete Mattresses have been around for a while, but have seen a recent jump in popularity because of their proven effectiveness as armored protection, especially concerning marine environments, as well as the cost effectiveness. They have proven to be very effective in use when protection from extreme weather or wave action caused by storms or hurricanes. As for costs with this newer method of protection, especially when used as an armored protection of a GeoTextile Breakwater, it is understandable why their popularity is exploding. A breakwater created by filling GeoTextile tubes with dredged spoils and then armoring the breakwater or groin with the concrete blocks can cut the cost in half from the traditional older method of rip rap or rubble mound. Not only are the costs a fraction of the older methods, but the time to complete a breakwater or groin by employing GeoTextile tubes covered with concrete mattresses is minimal compared to creating the same project with rubble mound. The protection and longevity of either method is comparable, but the difference in cost is driving the industry to the use of the cable-reinforced concrete mats.

How Are They Created?

The GeoTextile Articulating Block fabric form is made up of many linked pockets connected by an interwoven perimeter. These pockets are connected with grout ducts, then high capacity reinforced cables are inserted between and through the pockets and grout ducts. Concrete is then pumped into the pockets becomes a concrete mattress of rectangular concrete blocks. The interwoven perimeters connecting the concrete blocks become hinges to allow articulation. The reinforced-cables stays in the concrete blocks to tie the concrete blocks together and allow articulation. These mattresses can then be used for a multitude of purposes to protect against wind and wave action as well as erosion. They are cost effective and environmentally friendly. They are also quickly becoming the preferred method of armored protection.